Panico Guitars M SERIES M547T Mystic Green

-Body: Ash with tonal chambers
-Top: Heartwood flamed maple
-Neck: Curled maple with carbon fiber reinforcements
– Fretboard: Heartwood flamed maple
-Truss Rod: Double action
-Scale: 25.5″
-Radius: 12″
-Frets: 24 jumbo frets
-Tuners: Wilkinson self-locking
-Bridge: Wilkinson WVS50IIK tremolo
-Neck Pickup: Panico custom HB1bk humbucker pickup
-Middle pickup: Panico custom SC1wh single coil pickup
-Bridge Pickup: Panico custom HB3bk humbucker pickup
-Selector: 5 positions
-1 volume
-1 Puill push tone to split the humbuckers into single coils
-Body painting: Natural glossy
-Top paintwork: Mystic green Gloss
-Body painting: open pore satin tranlucent walnut
Handle paint: open pore satin tranlucent walnut
-Fingerboard paint: Mystic green Gloss
Headstock painting: in Gloss colour

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Handcrafted Electric Guitar

Panico Guitars M SERIES M547T Mystic Green


The body is made of Ash with toanli chambers in an open pore satin finish,
The tone chambers give the guitar more sustain and round out the sound. Excellent for those looking for a high performance guitar.
The top is in Heartwood flamed maple in a glossy finish.
This magnificent wood is quite rare as the design that is naturally created in the wood cannot be replicated. this wooden part was then highlighted in green finish


The neck is screwed to the body via bushings set in the heel, so as to have the smallest possible size and maximum comfort.
The wood of the neck is Mahogany with an open pore satin finish.
The Heartwood flamed maple fingerboard in a glossy finish and, as with the top, was created in such a way as to create a division in the middle of the fingerboard, always emphasizing the Heartwood part in green color
The neck has a profile based on a modern C revisited to increase comfort across the entire neck and to not create impediments to reaching the highest frets.

The neck is equipped with a double action truss rod and internal carbon fiber bars to increase its stability over time.

The radius is 12 inches and 25.5″ scaling. The keys are Jumbo nickel silver, guaranteeing comfort in chords and speed in execution.

Pickups and electronics

The guitar features a splitable Panico custom HB1 humbucker pickup on the neck
In the center it mounts a Panico custom single coil SC1.
At the bridge it is equipped with aPanico custom pickup humbucker  HB3 high gain splittable in order to fully and in a controlled manner deal with important distortions.

The electronics are made up of 1 volume and 1 general push pull tone to split the two humbickers into single coils so as to fully enjoy the versatility of the guitar and have a wide range of sounds available.

The selector has 5 positions


The guitar features a Wilkinson WVS50iik tremolo bridge, a guarantee of quality and stability. The guitar is designed to be able to have a wide tremolo travel both forward and backwards in order to be able to express oneself at its best.

The machines are auto locking tuners Wilkinson, a guarantee of quality and tuning stability.

Features a set of Daddario 9-46 EXL125 hybrid strings. This hybrid gauge gives comfort and speed in the smaller strings and thickness in the thicker strings to enjoy full power cords.


The entire front part of the instrument is in a glossy finish, while the back is in an open pore satin finish. This double finish creates a magnificent contrast which further enhances the careful selection of the woods from which it was made.



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